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Kicking off 2023

So this is our first blog and what a fitting way to start the new year! Joe and I feel so lucky that every year we get to spend about 2 weeks around the holiday in Indiana and at French Lick Farms. This year was no exception!

We did the annual 18 hour road trip so we could bring Roxy and Lizzy with us - our two Boston Terriers. They love the farm as much as we do.

Meet our crazy girls:

When we left, we knew it was going to be a cold one..but boy we didn't expect the actual temperature to be below zero and double digits with the wind chill. Man were we in for a surprise!

The weather hit the farm hard - it was our first deep freeze and to say we are ameatures at prepping for bad weather is an understatement! While we left the water running, we had no heat source in the well pit and therefore like many others had a slew of busted pipes and even some "pipesicle" to deal with. We had to put a heat source on everything to try and figure out what the damage was but it was a pretty big mess to deal with on Christmas Day!

We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends who without hesitation jumped up and pitched in to help some only slightly handy farm owners deal with a less than desirable situation! With guests scheduled to check in to the Lodge and 3 RV sites the day after Christmas, we had our work cut out for us! While we are lucky enough to have a supply room at the farm, of course on Christmas Day, we didn't have everything we needed! We made one phone call and our local hardware store owner opened his doors for us to get what we needed. If I haven't said it out loud - I will now: being in a small town and having the support of your local community is worth its weight in gold! It's truly a blessing!

Not only did Michael (Joe's friend from Highschool) and his cousin Jared come out to help, Jared brought his farm manager Derek who jumped in the well pit and wrangled the broken pipes like one of those guys on Yellowstone! Despite being colder than any of those sayings: "a well digger, a witches body part, etc, etc, etc" they knocked it out in a few hours. I can't thank each of them enough - as well as their families who let them disappear for a few hours on Christmas Day. They were truly my Christmas miracle!

As we are about to finish the second 18 hour drive back home, I enter the state of Florida with mixed emotions - sadness as I miss the farm and family each time I leave but a termendous amount of joy and happiness. Happy that:

  • We get to experience another trip around the sun

  • We are lucky to have such amazing family and friends that support us

  • We were able to spend such quality time with the extended family including all the kids

  • We are finally seeing the sun and 80 degree temps again - sorry for rubbing it in, but Indiana will be in the 60's this week too!

We sure had a wonderful holiday - despite not getting all of our project a done but are super excited about what 2023 will bring! Joe and I are wishing all our past and potential guests an extraordinary 2023! We sure hope French Lick Farms is on your list of places to visit in 2023 - we would love to have you!

While this is our first post, it for sure won't be out last! So stay tuned for regular updates and exciting news about all the happening at French Lick Farms!

Your hosts @ French Lick Farms

Sherry & Joe



Jan 03, 2023

So happy for you both to be owners of a farm you love,with family and friends close by.


Jan 03, 2023

Loved reading about all that’s happening on the farm! Happy New Year! 🥳🥳🥳

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